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Stan Lee, co-creater of Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Hulk commented, 

"When it came time for me to sell items from Stan Lee Media, a pal recommended Todd McDevit. The guy was like a superhero-buying tornado! Todd swooped in, evaluated my little treasures, made a great offer, paid promptly, and dragged them off to his secret lair.

Now pay attention! Here's my message to you if you're facing the nerve-wracking task of making the best decision about who to sell your comics to - simply take a deep breath and shout 'Help me, Titatnic Todd.' then count the seconds till he heroicially comes to the rescue!" 



You may have seen this on the news:

One of my biggest purchases, Detective Comics #27 featuring the first appearance of Batman, got lots of attention on the news. There is a video clip of a news report coving the story can be viewed by clicking here.



Here is what Jermaine "Lord Retail" Exum of Acme Comics est 1983 has to say about me buying his Journey Into Mystery #83 (First appearance of Thor)


"When we were lucky enough to snag a copy of Journey Into Mystery #83, we felt the best option for us was to sell through eBay.  Todd approached us with a very serious and very competitive offer.  When we did the math, it was very close to the amount we would have netted selling it in a standard auction. Instead of worrying about dealing with the commonplace hassles of mailing the book, insuring the book, uncertainty of a buyer expectations, fees, and payment processing delays. We sold the first appearance of the Mighty Thor to Todd and we got our money right away in a deal with zero complications.  Todd is our 1st thought now when we have high dollar key comics available for sale.  I highly recommend him and genuinely look forward to our next transaction!" Contact Jermaine about his experiance with selling to me at his email:



Thomas O. says about his selling experience.

My experience was great.  I sent a list of magazines (and some pictures of the magazines) that I had and had a quick response. Later, to save postage, Todd picked up the remainder of my magazines on a trip to Florida.  Payment was fast. Since my magazines were well read and not properly cared for, I was pleased with the amount I received.

Patti H. Says... 

I met Todd at a Comicon in Strongsville a few years ago.  I had inherited many boxes of comics from my brother 41 years ago.  Todd was the only person at Comicon that seemed in awe of my collection that I had presented to him, first on a spreadsheet, and then later, in person.  He was enthusiastic about the collection and kept touch with me over the next two years until I could put the first few boxes together and meet with him in Ellwood City, PA. 


He handled each comic with reverence and respect. That alone won me over.  There were some comics that didn’t stand the test of time as in they were torn, staples and even pages missing in some very old books but even those were handled with care.  Todd is an honest and sincere person to do business with and explains his pricing fairly.  After we had transacted business the first visit, I told him that I would not sell my comics to anyone else.  I’m a person of my word and so is he.   

Teresa G. Says...

When my husband unexpectedly passed away, I was overwhelmed trying to figure out how to handle his beloved collection of over 15,000 comics. I contacted Todd and was amazed at how efficient, quick and fair he was.  Over the course of just a few days, he drove quite a distance to conduct an initial assessment, made me an offer (providing a thorough explanation of how he came to the “bottom line”), and drove back again with his box truck to load it all up. I never imagined that this process would be so fast-moving and painless, but it certainly was.   

Most important to me, though, was the respect with which Todd approached my husband’s collection. His genuine love of comics and praise for my husband’s “comic room,” made me confident that I was putting the collection into the right hands.  From start to finish, Todd handled everything with sensitivity and kindness. 











Jason Allen says...

"I contacted Todd at New Dimension Comics about selling a couple of boxes of assorted comic books from my childhood (approximately 180 comics).  He responded quickly and I then sent a spreadsheet of comic type, name, month, and issue number.  He came back within a day with a range of estimates for what they were worth depending on condition after his review.  These were in readable condition with all pages and covers intact but far from pristine.  I shipped him the comics, he reviewed them and we agreed on a price that was more than fair.  I received a check in the mail 4 days later for the comics and shipping charges.  Todd was very responsive to email and a pleasure to work with.  I would recommend anyone with and old inherited collection to sell to work with Todd and New Dimension Comics. " - Eric A., Austin, TX

I needed to do some serious downsizing of my comic book collection, and Todd McDevitt of New Dimension Comics was the first person I contacted.  He responded quickly, and was very polite and gave me a rough idea of what he would pay for my collection based on the list I sent.  For due diligence, I also got in touch with a few other comic dealers, but their responses ranged from “not interested” to “we’ll buy a few and leave you with the rest” with a few “have you tried eBay?” thrown in, and those were the ones who bothered to respond at all.

Realizing that I should have gone with New Dimension Comics in the first place, I e-mailed Todd again, and we set the wheels in motion.  Unfortunately, my collection was too large for me to take to one of their locations, and the Christmas season is the worst time to ask someone to leave a store and look through comics, so it took a little time before the next step occurred, but from that point the process was surprisingly quick and easy.  Jon Engel, the general manager of New Dimension Comics, was able to come and take a look at my collection, make an offer, and write a check for my comics all in the same day.  It was especially nice because he was very pleasant to talk with as he was examining the books I was offering, and he also took the time to explain how he was arriving at the price he gave me.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, with hundreds or even thousands of comics that you wish to part with, I definitely recommend Todd and Jon from New Dimension Comics.  The time and stress that they saved me from having to sell my collection bit by bit is hard to overestimate.  If I find myself needing to sell more of my collection, I will not hesitate to contact the wonderful people at New Dimension Comics ( or - you didn’t think I’d go through this and not tell you their websites, did you?)"


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